The Hidden Tyranny Of Our Money provides an analysis of our present monetary system. It shows that by controlling the creation of money and manipulating the money supply, a small cabal of financiers has acquired immense power in the world during the last three hundred years.

This power has been – and still is – used to influence the mainstream media, install presidents in office, dictate National and Foreign Policy, and even wage wars against those nations who refuse to submit to its control.

The result of this state of affairs has been disastrous. We live under a hidden tyranny that creates recessions like those of 1929 and 2008, and encourages the rampant inequalities of today through the use of debt and interest payments, and costs the lives and suffering of millions of people worldwide.

The Hidden Tyranny of our Money proposes ways for the non elite to break free from the tyranny of the “money power”, by recovering the prerogative to issue and control money through the state and elected governments, instead of private institutions.