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Since our founding in 2012, Black House Publishing has sought to publish the work of a diverse range of political, economic and social writers – including the work of authors that some “freedom loving” liberals, and the “politically correct” have sought to silence. To this end we publish works from across the whole political spectrum – Anarchists, Atheists, Fascists, Marxists, Nationalists, Pacifists, Socialists, Syndicalists, Third Positionists, and those beyond such labelling. We do not accept that the only authors to merit publication in the 21st Century are those who promote a liberal / Marxist / Capitalist agenda.

Many of our titles highlight the increasing problems of cultural and racial extinction, environmental destruction, over population, and the global enslavement of humanity by an economic elite. We do not however, publish works that advocate or promote xenophobia, homophobia, racial or religious hatred, or religious extremism.