In Ordo Pluriversalis, Leonid Savin, provides some possible Non-Western alternatives in international relationships brought about by the rise of China as a superpower, and a new world order where US hegemony no longer exists.

Savin rethinks the foundations of statehood, including religion, the economy, the world outlook of peoples, the themes of security and sovereignty, nationalism and civilisations. An assessment of the current crisis of neoliberalism and globalism from the perspective of possible alternative multipolar scenarios.

Ordo Pluriversalis, is intended for a wide range of readers, students of political science, historians, cultural scientists, and experts in international relations.

Leonid Savin is a member of the Military Scientific Society at the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and member of the steering committee of the Islamabad International Counter-Terrorism Forum. He is the author of a number of books, scientific publications and special studies on the topic of international relations, political philosophy, geopolitics and international conflict.