God Without Religion – An Alternative View of Life, the Universe, and Everything. Which is right, atheism or organised religion? Answer: Neither.

What’s wrong with atheism? The intolerant radical “New Atheists” of today champion the theory of evolution by natural selection, which may explain small changes and variations in living things but can’t explain the origin of the universe or the origin of life – because natural selection needs life to kick-start it into action. No life, no natural selection!

Does organised religion do any better? Not at all. It simply has too much baggage. Why does evil exist in the world? And why are the good not rewarded and the wicked punished? Organised religion has no answer except to kick these problems upstairs into the afterlife, of which there is no evidence whatsoever.

What then of the claims of religious truth? Most of the claims made for Jesus are demonstrably false. Creed religions like Christianity and Islam believe that they alone hold the key to truth and salvation. But communal religions like Hinduism, Japanese Shinto and the religions of the ancient world tend to be more tolerant. Orthodox Judaism, starting out as a communal religion, has now adopted certain features of a creed religion and become more intolerant.

In God Without Religion, Michael Arnheim provides an alternative view of the Universe, and a theory that does not rely on the dogma of atheism or organised religion.