Since our founding in 2012, Black House Publishing has sought to publish the work of a diverse range of political, economic and social writers, including the work of authors that some “freedom loving” liberals, and the “politically correct” have sought to silence.

Our titles include works by Anarchists, Atheists, Fascists, Islamic Fundamentalists, Nationalists, Socialists, Syndicalists, Third Positionists, Zionists and those beyond such labelling. Many of our authors highlight the increasing problem of materialism, cultural and racial extinction, the erosion of liberty, the undermining of international law, environmental destruction, over population, and the global enslavement of humanity by an economic and political elite.

We do not accept that the only authors to merit publication in the 21st Century are those who do not offend, or challenge the values of, liberal-capitalist society.

As a publisher we have no agenda beyond publishing works that mainstream publishers dare not handle. We have no political or financial association with any political group or ideology, and we do not publish works that advocate or promote xenophobia, homophobia, or racial hatred.


One of the hallmarks of our present economic system is that it highly rewards the purveyors of mediocrity, the bland, the untalented, while society’s real artists and intellectuals have to survive the challenges of “free market” forces. We lack the social structure to support those who struggle in the pursuit of their art. An author can spend months, even years writing a book of any merit, yet we complain if we have to pay more than the price of a ‘Happy Meal’ for the paperback edition.

Black House Publishing believes in rewarding our authors. Not just in terms of royalty payments on the sale of the books we publish, but in helping to support our authors for the book they are still working on. Please show your support, by ordering a book which will be signed by the author, or even printed in the Preface, thanking you personally for your support. 


Black House Publishing welcomes the opportunity to publish the work of new authors, especially those authors who not only have the skills to communicate their ideas, but possess the capacity for original thought and vision. If you are such an author, and you would like us to make your book available to a worldwide audience, please submit your manuscript to submissions(at)blackhousepublishing.com Please allow 7 days for us to evaluate your manuscript and reply.


Some Thoughts on Pascal Bruckner

I have had occasion, in various articles and books, to refer with admiration to the work of Pascal Bruckner, a fractious member of the distinguished fraternity of Nouveaux Philosophes, or New Philosophers, in France and a magisterial political essayist. The author of many books, including the novel Evil Angels (made into a film by Roman Polanski as Bitter Moon), he was one of the radical youth who earned his popular credentials in the student uprising of May 1968, marching in the streets of Paris, holding banners aloft and adopting its revolutionary slogans. But unlike the majority of his contemporaries, [...]

The Corporatist Answer

When a state descends to chaos, and bankruptcy, often of both the economic and moral kinds, there can be a reaction by the remaining healthy parts of the people, for regeneration. Oswald Spengler referred in The Decline of the West to this epoch as a return of ‘Caesarism’ and the overthrow of plutocracy. While it is a reaction it is nonetheless revolutionary, because the state of decay is so far advanced that only a radical change, not just in structures, but in the psychology of the people, is required. It is literally a ‘revolution’; insofar as it seeks a [...]

Donald Trump: Business as Usual But…

When Donald Trump’s seemingly maverick presidential campaign began to accelerate in 2016, both the Left and Right in domestic U.S. politics began to formulate predictable reactions almost on cue. Virtually the entire spectrum of the American right-wing, save the seeming spoil sports of the (neo-Trotskyist) neoconservative milieu, began heralding “The Donald” as the savior of (pick one) the American nation, the white race, the free market, the working class, the Christian faith, traditional values, or something or other. Such was the attitude of virtually the entire configuration of the Alt-Right/Lite, ordinary FOX News watching Republican voters, [...]

Boer Lives Matter

What the ANC and its allies have been aiming for since their assumption to power is about to take place – the confiscation of White farms without compensation. It is part of a process of White dispossession. 82,000 Whites live in poverty (2011 statistics). Some 80 squatter camps mainly of Afrikaners have cropped up. There are those who say that this is just retribution for ‘apartheid’. Julius Malema, who introduced the motion to confiscate White farmland, said there would be no compensation ‘for the criminals who stole our land.’ The mainly Dutch migrants who formed the [...]

The Globalist Web of Subversion

.…It is this power structure which the Radical Right in the US has been attacking for years in the belief that they were attacking the Communists.[1] When Professor Carroll Quigley, the eminent Harvard historian, wrote those words in 1966 he was referring to a “network” (sic) of plutocrats largely centered around the Council on Foreign Relations. Since then this “network” has increased exponentially into a vast, interlocking apparatus that has the ability to bring down regimes by manipulating those who believe themselves to be shaping a new and more humane future. This international subversive apparatus [...]

Constant Conflict

Since the time of Woodrow Wilson’s ‘Fourteen Points’ for a brave new world in the aftermath of World War I, US policy-makers have been motivated by a messianic sense of America’s duty to impose its model of liberal-economic-democracy over the entire world. America has a doctrine that is for export and a desire to implement that on a world scale. There is also something intrinsic about the founding of the USA that makes it – rather than any ex-communist state – the paragon of a world revolutionary citadel: a dichotomy derived from European Rationalism and [...]