In Paths to War Dr. Alwan Eddine provides an analysis of various geopolitical issues that have the potential to become sources of political and possibly military conflict over the next few decades.

The infiltration by Islamic terrorists into Western Europe from their stronghold in the Balkan Peninsula. The growth of Megacities. The competing energy policies of Russia and the USA. The construction of numerous water canal, and energy pipeline projects. The formation of a European Army, and the growing increase in the use of private military forces, are just a few of the issues Dr. Eddine outlines in Paths to War.

As the USA seeks to protect its financial and political dominance throughout the world, Dr. Eddine highlights the conflicting interests with smaller nations who seek to develop and exploit their own natural resources to their own advantage – not least in partnership with China and Russia, and in the process further undermining the global dominance of the USA.

Dr. Alwan N. Amin Eddine, is the Founder & Director of the SITA institute, and a researcher and author in International Affairs.