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The Queerest Parliament in the World

New Zealand’s Parliament is being lauded by those whom one would expect to be celebrating, as the queerest in the world. The term used is ‘rainbow’. We are a ‘rainbow nation,’ sharing that term with the chaotic mess still known as South Africa. ‘Rainbow’ apparently can be applied to any foul-up that accords with a Liberal-globalist agenda. The Auckland Herald states: ‘The overall rainbow representation will be at 10 per [...]

Plutocracy wins with aid of Far Left

In November 2016 I wrote of the Trump victory as having the possibility of being an ‘epochal event’, while not underestimating the entrenched spiritual, cultural, political and economic forces that were likely to make this stillborn. [1] Trump himself was fundamentally flawed, although not to the extent of the opposition. He did not have an ideological basis, and while he has been lauded as being able [...]

Some Thoughts on Pascal Bruckner

I have had occasion, in various articles and books, to refer with admiration to the work of Pascal Bruckner, a fractious member of the distinguished fraternity of Nouveaux Philosophes, or New Philosophers, in France and a magisterial political essayist. The author of many books, including the novel Evil Angels (made into a film by Roman Polanski as Bitter Moon), he was one of the radical youth who earned his popular [...]

The Corporatist Answer

When a state descends to chaos, and bankruptcy, often of both the economic and moral kinds, there can be a reaction by the remaining healthy parts of the people, for regeneration. Oswald Spengler referred in The Decline of the West to this epoch as a return of ‘Caesarism’ and the overthrow of plutocracy. While it is a reaction it is nonetheless revolutionary, because the state of decay is so far [...]

Donald Trump: Business as Usual But…

When Donald Trump’s seemingly maverick presidential campaign began to accelerate in 2016, both the Left and Right in domestic U.S. politics began to formulate predictable reactions almost on cue. Virtually the entire spectrum of the American right-wing, save the seeming spoil sports of the (neo-Trotskyist) neoconservative milieu, began heralding “The Donald” as the savior of (pick one) the American nation, the white race, the free market, the [...]

Boer Lives Matter

What the ANC and its allies have been aiming for since their assumption to power is about to take place – the confiscation of White farms without compensation. It is part of a process of White dispossession. 82,000 Whites live in poverty (2011 statistics). Some 80 squatter camps mainly of Afrikaners have cropped up. There are those who say that this is just retribution for ‘apartheid’. Julius [...]

The Globalist Web of Subversion

.…It is this power structure which the Radical Right in the US has been attacking for years in the belief that they were attacking the Communists.[1] When Professor Carroll Quigley, the eminent Harvard historian, wrote those words in 1966 he was referring to a “network” (sic) of plutocrats largely centered around the Council on Foreign Relations. Since then this “network” has increased exponentially into a vast, [...]

Constant Conflict

Since the time of Woodrow Wilson’s ‘Fourteen Points’ for a brave new world in the aftermath of World War I, US policy-makers have been motivated by a messianic sense of America’s duty to impose its model of liberal-economic-democracy over the entire world. America has a doctrine that is for export and a desire to implement that on a world scale. There is also something intrinsic about [...]

Russia’s World Mission

It would be easy to regard Oswald Spengler, author of the epochal Decline of The West in the aftermath of World War I, as a Russophobe. In so doing the role of Russia in the unfolding of history from this era onward could be easily dismissed, opposed or ridiculed by proponents of Spengler, while in Russia his insights into culture-morphology would be understandably unwelcome as being from an Slavophobic [...]

Law of Civilisation and Decay

There are many causes given for the death of Civilisations, including environmental, moral, racial, economic, and dysgenic. However, those who reject political economy whether of the English Free Trade School or its Marxian and other socialist derivatives, give too little attention to the central role of materialism in the decline and fall of civilisations. Indeed, it can be contended that the latter is a primary cause [...]

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