Zionism, Islam and the West is a wide-ranging, thoroughly referenced examination of the Zionist factor in world affairs. Bolton traces the role Zionism has played in shaping the present global tumult in the name of ‘the war on terrorism’.

Examining the ideology of Zionism, Bolton questions the common assumption and misrepresentation of Zionism as aligned with the interests of The West, and shows rather that Zionism is inherently subversive and hostile to Western interests. In keeping with its manipulative strategies, Zionism can readily jump from the extreme Left to the radical Right, and under the false premise of an alliance against a common foe, Islam, has misdirected supposedly Rightist parties into supporting Israel as the ‘bulwark of The West’ in the Middle East’, simultaneously being in the forefront of promoting multiculturalism and open borders for Western states, while totally rejecting any such policies for Israel.

Zionism, Islam and the West shows how Zionism feeds off so-called ‘anti-Semitism’, without which it would not exist, to the point of sponsoring ‘neo-Nazi’ organisations, has created the ferment in the Middle East by using an intractable fundamentalist religious dogma that demands a ‘Greater Israel’ as a supposedly God-given right, and expects the world to fall into line at its every demand.